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There are several styles in skateboarding for you to choose from; however, due to some limitations, not every skater can explore all of them. So today, let’s have a glance at different skating styles in the skateboarding world. If you wish to read in detail about any of these styles below, I suggest you visit SkateAdvisors to find out.

Determining your style is important especially in choosing components for your skateboard. For instance, there are some special trucks designed for a particular skating style. Although there are so many variations in skating styles, the list below has the most popular one.


Focusing on flat land tricks, slides, grinds, and aerials on urbanized areas, skateboarders belonging to this style typically used the street, plazas, or industrial areas as their skating ground.

The interesting part about this style is that there are so many obstacles on the way in all areas. They can be the walls, stairs, handrails, benches, bins, flower beds, or even picnic tables. With the fast development of this style since the 1990s, many skate shops have created several products and equipment for this type of skateboarding.


This one was invented to solve the inconvenience of traveling short distances regularly instead of using bikes or scooters. Longboards are usually used in cruising to handle rough surfaces and conquer any cracks or tiny rocks.


It is also known as vertical skating in which skateboarders ride on a ramp or an incline and then do the transition from horizontal planes to vertical one. Due to the fascinating performances of vert skateboarding, this style has become more and more popular and attracts many professional skaters exploring it.

Above are the most common skating styles, but there are many unique and interesting types of skateboarding waiting for you to find out at SkateAdvisors.

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