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The first celtic-style salt produced in Australia.
Made from the water off  Australia’s Great Barrier Reef high in natural marine minerals and trace elements.


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The sense in which Olsson’s has used this term refers to products or food that have had a minimum of human intervention in their manufacture or production. Macrobiotics is about food from the Earth. It is based on the Eastern ideal of achieving harmony between yin and yang. And while rooted in ancient tradition, the idea of the macrobiotic dietary approach is a remarkably modern way of eating.

Unlike common salt (which is just sodium chloride), natural Sea Salt (from sea water) contains sodium as well as other many important trace minerals in a balance similar to the extra cellular fluids in the body. One of the key benefits of Macrobiotic Sea Salt is that sea water (from which Olsson’s Macrobiotic Sea Salt is made) has a relative mineral composition almost identical with that of the blood, so when sodium is excreted from the body, other essential minerals salts such as potassium, magnesium and trace elements are also excreted.


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