We’ve been in business in Australia since 1888. Here are some major milestones along the way:
1878: Olaus Olsson arrives in Melbourne from a small town called Dals Langed in Sweden. Over the next five years, he makes his way to Parramatta, NSW

1888: Olaus opens a grocery store in Parramatta
1906: Olaus and his sons begin delivering blocks of ice to homes in Western Sydney
1948: Olsson Industries was formed by Norman Olsson (Olaus’s youngest son) and his two sons, Charles and Malcolm as a direct result of numerous requests from graziers for

someone to produce supplements to meet the nutritional needs of their sheep and cattle during the severe drought that started in 1947 and continued until 1952.
1957: Charles & Norman buy Pacific Salt, their first salt works located in Warooka, Yorke Peninsular, South Australia
1968: Charles and Malcolm take over the lease of the salt works from BHP north of Whyalla, Eyre Peninsular, South Australia
1983: Charles, Malcolm and their cousin Don Olsson commence building a new solar sea salt plant in Port Alma (near Rockhampton) QLD. It takes 5 years to complete the works
1988: Charles Olsson becomes the sole managing director of Olsson Pacific
2012: Olsson’s Sea Salt proudly launched their sea salt flakes with great success in the Australian gourmet community (currently used in Quay, The Bridge Room, Bennelong, Firedoor, Aria, Bather’s Pavilion, Pilu Freshwater, Shangri-la hotels, Intercontinental Hotels, The European,  Dinner By Heston, Pope Joan, Tonka, Coda, Africola, Vintners, Gerard’s Bistro, Bucci, Bistro 2, Huxtable, etc)
2013: Launch of Olsson’s macrobiotic sea salt and the much anticipated Black Truffle Salt at the end of the truffle season (September)
2015: Word gets out that the Olsson’s Smoked salt (72 hours on Red Gum) is almost market ready

2016: Olsson's Smoked Salt launches! 

Every year, Olsson’s sponsor hundreds of free ruminant nutrition seminars all over Australia for the purpose of educating the grazier in better livestock nutrition. Olsson’s also provide a FreeCall Nutritional Advisory Line (FreeCall: 1800 804 096) for graziers to call and receive free advice on feeding programs and problems that they might have with their livestock. 


While striving to remain viable in an extremely competitive industry, Olsson’s have not ignored their responsibility to the environment. Olsson’s block boxes are now made from 100% recycled, unbleached cardboard which livestock are able to eat and digest. Olsson’s will continue to develop better and greener products and methods of packaging.

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