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Truffle Salt 50gm Stoneware Jar

Truffle Salt 50gm Stoneware Jar

SKU: PAC8566

Our high quality Australian sea salt flakes are combined with finely shaved fresh (not freeze-dried) Black Perigord Truffles (Australian-grown) infusing the seductive, earthy character of the truffle through every flake. Nothing artificial.  Available seasonally from August to December (unless sold out prior) annually  Recommended uses: Sprinkle on steak before serving Risotto: truffle salt adds a subtle richness to creamy risottos Pasta dishes: stir a teaspoon of truffle salt into ricotta and use this as the cheese for a baked pasta dish. Eggs: sprinkle truffle salt in any and all egg-based dishes; scrambled, baked, omelettes. Potatoes: use Truffle salt in place of regular salt on baked potatoes, mashed potato and fries. Soup: add truffle salt to creme fraiche, then add to vegetable soups.

shelf life - 6 months

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