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With over 50 different types of sea salt grades & products Olsson's have you covered from catering salt, bulk salt, retail salt, pool salt & much more.
Check out the categories below to find the perfect salt for you needs. 

Sea Salt Flakes

• Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes are made from evaporated sea water from the Great Australian Bight and

has a distinctly sweet “sea salt” tang.

• Flat “Fleur de Sel” style delicate sea salt flakes easily crumbled in the fingers and recommended for

finishing and presentation

• Fluffy “Blossoms” of sea salt flakes recommended for curing, cooking, blending and coating

• Added just before serving, like a garnish, a "finishing salt," to boost the flavor of eggs, fish, meat,

vegetables, chocolate, and caramel.

• Recommended for delicately flavoured ingredients such as seafood, white meat, dairy products, fine

sauces, fruit and vegetables


Macrobiotic Sea Salt

• Olsson’s Macrobiotic Sea salt is made by the action of sun and wind on sea water from the Great

Barrier Reef. Harvested by hand, it remains free from any additives or preservatives.

• Naturally wet, unwashed and unprocessed contains high levels of natural marine minerals and trace

elements. Since it is unrefined, it is not just sodium chloride. Other minerals, like calcium,

magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iodine, etc give it a more complex flavor. These natural

marine minerals and trace elements make Olsson’s Macrobiotic Sea Salt taste even saltier than salt,

and give it what has been described as the flavour of the sea.

• Olsson’s Macrobiotic Sea Salt is the first natural “celtic-style” or “grey” sea salt (they call it sel gris in

France) produced in Australia. This salt actually tastes like the ocean.

• Olsson’s Macrobiotic sea salt is gentle on the palate and rich in aroma, making it the chef's favourite

salt to flavour stocks and for cooking vegetables. But also for grilling and salt crust recipes.

Unwashed unprocessed additive-free its flavour complements family and traditional cooking.

• Commonly used as a curing salt for vegetables and protein as it contains all grades (crystal sizes)

and therefore adheres well to natural surfaces.

• Available in a raw (wet) grade, fine grade and rock crystal grade.

Dairy Salt

A very fine natural sea salt with no additives suitable for all areas of food manufacture and food service

applications. Dairy salt is used for a number of manufacturing purposes from butter manufacturing to

cheese to biscuits to the application for coating of nuts/chips and pop-corn and used predominantly used

in the Dairy Industry. Crystal size between 0.2mm and 0.46mm


Cooking/Fine Sea Salt - Iodised Cooking/Fine Sea Salt

Fine natural sea salt crystals with no additives suitable for all areas of food manufacture and food service

applications. Used predominantly as a “Baker’s Salt” and in the café/restaurant sector. Crystal size less

than 0.710mm. Also available in an iodised version with the addition of potassium iodide


Sea Salt Crystals (Flossy - Iodised Flossy

A medium natural crystal grade that won’t form clumps. Crystal size between 0.71mm and 1.66mm

similar to small sugar crystals and “Kosher Salt”.

Excellent general-purpose salt with a wide range of applications in the food industry (salt sellars on the

table, cooking/curing/pickling). Also available in an iodised version with the addition of potassium iodide

Table Sea Salt - Iodised Table Sea Salt

Table Salt used mostly in kitchens and for dining tables, for the fast food sector and the foodservice market as well as other manufacturing avenues requiring salt with a free flow additive. Fine natural freeflowing sea salt with a crystal size between 0.460mm and 0.720mm. Also available in an iodised version with the addition of potassium iodide


Rock Sea Salt

A large natural sea salt crystal with granule size greater than 3.86mm. Used predominantly in the seafood market as well as for brining and curing. Excellent option for salting water (pasta, vegetables,etc) and for ceramic salt grinders due to its low moisture content.

Medium Coarse Sea Salt

A large natural sea salt crystal with medium crystal size


Coarse Refined Sea Salt

A large natural sea salt crystal with granule size between 1.66mm and 3.86mm. Used predominantly inthe seafood and protein market as well as for brining and curing.

LoSo Reduced Sodium Salt

A 50% reduced sodium salt mixture capable of delivering 40-60% sodium reductions in food withoutimpacting the sea salt flavour. Used predominantly for baking and food manufacture. Sodium: 17.5%,Potassium: 24%

Truffle Salt

• High quality Australian sea salt flakes are combined with finely shaved fresh (not freeze-dried) Black Perigord Truffles (Australian-grown) infusing the seductive, earthy character of the truffle throughevery flake. Nothing artificial.

• Available seasonally from August to December (unless sold out prior) annually

Recommended uses:

Sprinkle on steak before serving

Risotto: truffle salt adds a subtle richness to creamy risottos

Pasta dishes: stir a teaspoon of truffle salt into ricotta and use this as the cheese for a baked pasta dish.

Eggs: sprinkle truffle salt in any and all egg-based dishes; scrambled, baked,omelettes.

Potatoes: use Truffle salt in place of regular salt on baked potatoes, mashed potatoand fries.

Soup: add truffle salt to crème fraiche, then add to vegetable soups.

Popcorn: add truffle salt to melted butter and toss into hot popcorn for instant adultappeal


Red Gum Smoked Salt

• Developed with Ross Lusted (The Bridge Room) 

• Smoked for 72 hours on Red Gum chips

• The effects of smoke on salt are remarkable: the smoke clings to the surface of the salt flakes. Coating them with a thick, woody colour and imparting a strong smoky flavour. And when the salt

dissolves, the flavour goes straight into the food

• Adds a rich, smoky flavour to everything from meats, poultry and seafood to salads, soups, saucesand vegetables.

Recommended uses:

Add some Olsson’s Red Gum Smoked Sea Salt to soft butter, and serve on BBQ corn on the cob or simply with bread.

Sprinkle a little Olsson’s Red Gum Smoked Sea Salt onto a fresh tomato salad or over vegetables before grilling.

Sprinkle Olsson’s Red Gum Smoked Sea Salt on BBQ steaks after they have been cooked to bring out the smoky flavour.

Season some homemade mayonnaise with Olsson’s Red Gum Smoked Sea Salt Flakes.

Use Olsson’s Red Gum Smoked Sea Salt instead of regular Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes

when making salted fudge or salted caramel.

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